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DESIGN FUTURES | Practitioner CaseStudy

We are to find a practitioner or company to write a case study on, to visit the Grafik website  and find a practitioner or company to analyse.

Laura Jouan

A French born, London based Laura Jouan ‘stands out for her charismatic handling of graphic mediums’


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Last Thursday evening, I was privileged to attend yet another amazing Apple talk with the Art Director. He was talking a lot about the way he uses research to elaborate his ideas, things as simple as pictures of models, textured prints etc.

The interactive part of the workshop, he showed us how he can use the space he is surrounded by into a quick simple but complex looking sketch (example being my featured image).

Overall, I found this workshop very informative and was a good way to enhance my skills within my studio brief, that I would of not thought of before. One thing I will take away with me is “do not underestimate the concept of drawing to digital process”, meaning no matter how rough the drawing is, the digital process can always fix mistakes.

DESIGN FUTURES |Lasercutting intro & Riso

There are many different design methods that we can use within our studio brief ‘London Architecture‘. The list from line drawings to fabric prints, but in the morning session we had a talk focused on laser cutting and how we can use this method towards creating a final outcome for one of the 7 themes.

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DESIGN FUTURES | Photography exploration (ongoing research)

Today I had a uni trip for my dissertation class which was in Kensington Olympia. An amazing area to take photographs for my studio themes!


I walked from Kensington Olympia and took some photographs of cars parked that I found appealing (‘luxury cars’). Then catching a bus 10 to Hyde Park Corner where i took images for ‘nature within the day’, which then led me to walking down Park Lane to take pics for ‘lights at night’.

I am very pleased with the images I took today, so here is a mini collage of all my photographs together…

DESIGN FUTURES | Mock Ups & Final Ideas? pt. 1

Part 1: Moving towards a mock-up and final ideas


  1. Museums and Galleries
  2. People and Cultures
  3. Automobiles in motion
  4. Sounds of the streets
  5. Cafes and smells
  6. Nature within the Day
  7. Lights at Night

The main themes I will be focusing on in this blog is ‘Automobiles in motion’, ‘Lights at Night’ and ‘Nature within the Day’.



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